High Vibe Custom Portrait for 2021

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Step Into 2021 Magical Year


Activating Your Dream Vision for 2021

Are you ready to connect to your highest self?

Do you want to have your own unique custom portrait that will reflect how you desire to be and feel in 2021?

Let's make 2021 your best year ever.


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2021 - a year of dreams coming true

This portrait will be created based on your dream vision of you for 2021.

How do you dream to feel and be?

how it works


I wanted something that would represent the "me" of my emerging manifesto, an image that would symbolize the future self I was setting out to embody.

The illustration is truly a gift for me, one that I can look at any time I need a reminder to trust myself and the person I am becoming.

I highly recommend working with Daria if you want to create something deeply personal and beautiful.

Julie Lieberman Neale, Founder of Mother's Quest

I had the privilege of meeting Daria on a Zoom call. I had an immediate connection to this beautiful lady.

She is a gifted artist. I’ve never been someone who likes getting their picture taken, however,

Daria’s art so spoke to me that I felt I had to have a custom portrait done! I couldn’t be happier with the finished product!

I highly recommend Daria. I look forward to more projects together in the near future.

Ann Secord, Founder of Turtle Steps Life Coaching

Let's Activate 2021 High Vibes