Hello Gorgeous!

My name is Daria DiCieli, I'm thrilled to welcome you here. I'm an illustrator, animator and brand designer based in Toronto, Canada and traveling the world while creating gorgeous art.

Let’s make your business idea shine. If you have a business or dreaming to start one, let’s work together on your brand and make it irresistible.

It’s your time to spread your wings and fly!

I worked with hundreds of women entrepreneurs and clients such as Cosmopolitan, Elle, Madame, Condé Nast Germany, Hallmark, Papyrus, to name a few.

Traveling all around the world working for luxurious brands and stores decorations. By incorporating all this experience, there is a lot we can do with beautifying your brand and make it grow to the next level.

There is a chic way to do business – strawberry in one hand a glass of champagne in the other.

Everything will be designed custom for you so that it truly represents your message and speaks to your audience.