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" Daria is an artist, a professional and a magical fairy in one soulful package. The crest design she made for me was beyond amazing. It captured all aspects of my brand beautifully and makes me smile every time I look at it. The design process was super smooth at the customer end. I felt seen and heard and it was easy to trust the end result would be everything I wanted as Daria has an amazing gift of intuition." - Natasa Hook 
"After seeing a Daria design shared by someone I know, I immediately hired her to draw a scene for my brand. I wanted an image to use in my marketing, and also an animated version to use as a video intro. She made sure to find out as much about me and my brand as possible before she started drawing, so the final image includes lots of personal elements and is really ‘us’. The image received lots of positive comments when I shared it online, and the animation brings that image to life. Daria is a delight to work with, is amazingly talented, delivers on time, and you’ll come away with marketing assets you’ll love and that really feel like you." - Veronica Pullen


"Daria was able to capture the voice and message of my business perfectly in my animated video. My heart swelled with pride and anticipation when I watched it fully complete. Her style is so unique and beautiful and when I saw it, I knew it was right for me and my audience. Working with Daria has been a blessing and I would highly recommend her products!" - Amanda Swarz, Crush It! Journal


"Daria is more than an artist. She's a brand strategist. She intuitively got the look and feel of my brand and brought it to life. What she does is sheer magic. Can't recommend her enough!" - Emily Lux, Angel Reader


"I have so enjoyed working with Daria. And I love the final video she made for my website. Daria was able to not only meet my wishes for a video and profile picture for my website, but far exceed it. I am so thrilled with the finished product, the colour used just makes you beam and she’s managed to incapsulate much of what is precious to me about the theme around which I write. She also has an incredibly professional and efficient manner, which means communication with her is a joy. I loved our initial chat to discuss the project, she asks insightful and sensitive questions to better understand what your work is about and who you are, and she was always willing to accommodate changes and updates as the project developed. I hugely recommend Daria’s work for anyone looking to communicate the essence of their work in a creative and dynamic way." - Laura Fraser,